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GFS appoints Aaron Halstead as Director of Risk

GFS appoints Aaron Halstead as Director of Risk

GFS has appointed Aaron Halstead to head the company’s risk analysis unit.

As Director of Risk, he will lead a team of analysts developing risk assessments and management solutions for TV and film productions and will work alongside the Director of Operations to ensure plans are effectively implemented on the ground.

Halstead, an operational risk management practitioner turned business executive, has most recently been manager of Destination Queenstown’s Study Queenstown brand, helping to grow the direct value of the town’s education industry to around $88 million last year.

His prior experience includes serving as a commissioned army officer, special forces instructor, aeromedical and mountain rescue manager, ski patrol director, qualified paramedic, and chairman of the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association Board.

“Aaron brings to the team all-round expertise in safety, security, and medical risk management as well as a strong client and business development focus. We are delighted to have someone of his calibre joining our team,” says GFS Risk CEO Julian Grimmond.

With clients including the likes of Amazon, Disney, and Netflix, GFS Risk is a major industry player and was recently awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce for its work helping U.S. companies to restart TV and film productions safely during Covid-19.

“Our ambition for 2021 is to unlock even more opportunities for our clients that have been thwarted by the pandemic and increasing global security risks, such as crime and civil unrest brought on by large scale unemployment and political polarization and instability.

“Aaron’s entrepreneurial problem-solving style, disciplined approach, and technical knowledge will be invaluable in helping us to achieve this goal,” says Grimmond.

Halstead, who moved to Queenstown 21 years ago to work on the Vertical Limit film production as a climbing double for three of the main actors, says he is excited about rekindling his passion for TV and film production that originally brought him to the area.

“I am looking forward to working in a high tempo environment that is aligned with my previous safety and security background, and to be joining a team with an outstanding global reputation and innovative approach to film production and corporate risk management,” he says.

Halstead commenced his role as director of risk on Monday, 14 December 2020.