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Dealing with Delta

Director of East Coast Operations Jamieson Shea explains how productions are adapting to the latest challenge in the Covid-19 pandemic, the highly transmissible Delta variant.

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Covid-19 officers: Who are they and what do they do?

This week our director of East Coast operations, Jamieson Shea, is back to discuss the new and important roles of productions' Covid-19 health safety officers, including what it takes to become one.

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Vaccine mandates

Disney and Netflix have paved the way for productions to require cast and crew to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This week we discuss the practicalities of rolling out a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, including the implications of booster shots being approved in U.S.

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Taking your production overseas

How can a production operate safely while overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic? The best practice risk mitigation measures are not that different to producing shows and films domestically. However...

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Why Covid-19 training should be frequent and production-specific

When it comes to avoiding Covid-19 outbreaks, a production is only as strong as its weakest link — that's why it's essential every crew member understands how to comply with your Covid-19 protocols.

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Covid‑19 Q&A with emergency physician Dr. John Broach

In this 3-part GFS Insight podcast series we're joined by special guest Dr. John Broach who will help to answer commonly asked questions about Covid-19 recovery, vaccines, and treatments.

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Experiences of a frontline Covid‑19 H&S consultant

GFS Risk consultant Catherine Lansford shares her experiences working as a Covid-19 health and safety officer on productions, including what works well and how even the best laid plans can go wrong.

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The false economy of slimming down your Covid‑19 protocols

Why cutting corners of your Covid-19 protocols can cost you more in the long run — especially if you end up in a legal dispute with your insurance company over shutdown-related expenses.

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