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Filming in Fiji & the Pacific

With a 20% tax rebate, Fiji is committed to being a great place to produce content. Offering English-speaking local crew and high-quality hospitality, it is also the perfect base for filming within the wider Pacific. Only licensed Audio Visual Agents, including our Fijian business Global Pacific Pte Limited, can apply for the tax rebate.

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Key Information


Fiji offers quarantine free travel to fully-vaccinated travellers from all over the world. Specific visas will apply to those wishing to bring their production to Fiji.


Fiji has a compelling 20% tax rebate calculated on total Fiji expenditure. Only licensed Audio Visual Agents, including our Fijian business Global Pacific Pte Limited, can apply for the tax rebate.


Fiji and the Pacific offer a range of locations including jungles, sweeping tropical beaches, river gorges, waterfalls, villages and lush vegetation.

Crew & Services

Fiji National University’s students of film and TV, and food and beverage, are available to work as highly capable and enthusiastic crew. Fiji has a range of aviation companies for aerial filming and logistics support, and drone filming is allowed with permits.


Freight to and from Fiji is efficient and timely, and there is a high-quality road network and good supply of rental cars, trucks, and watercraft. Mobile phone and internet coverage is available across large areas of Fiji.

Hospitality & Travel

There are frequent flights from Los Angeles to Nadi International Airport, serviced by Fiji Airway’s modern fleet of Airbus A330 aircrafts, and many high-quality accommodation and catering options across Fiji.

Case Studies

Kicking & Screaming (2017)

Kicking & Screaming is an American reality competition series where ten expert survivalists are partnered with a pampered group of civilians to face the toughest challenges of their lives, in this unique reality competition series. Season One was filmed in Fiji. GFS provided full production services through its Fijian Audio-Visual Agent production company Global Pacific.