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Our Work

Wild Wild Space (2024)

Wild Wild Space (2024)

Project Brief

You've heard about the billionaire space race. This isn't that movie. Wild Wild Space, an HBO Original Documentary that chronicles the fierce competition to tackle humanity's next great frontier and the dark side of capitalism's insatiable appetite for profit.

GFS supplied seamless production services for a New Zealand segment of this film.  As the local production company, GFS hired and oversaw the local crew, organized all elements of the remote shoot, enabling international crew to conduct real time virtual interviews with the subject.  This included coordinating studio, tech, equipment, and schedules, budgeting and delivery. 

Produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, Adam McKay's HyperObject Industries and Zero Point Zero Productions Inc.


Production notes

Wild Wild Space focuses on the intense rivalry between two visionaries and founders of contesting rocket companies, Chris Kemp and Peter Beck. Their mission transcends mere competition; it’s a strategic bid to outdo each other, disrupt Elon Musk’s cosmic dominance, and claim significant shares in the burgeoning space industry. Amidst triumphs and challenges, Kemp and Beck usher in a new era for space exploration in Lower Earth Orbit and beyond. The stakes rise as they race against time to deploy commercial satellites for prestigious clients, including Planet Labs, led by visionary Will Marshall, encapsulating their shared goal — to redefine space, one satellite launch at a time.

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More Featured Work

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted (2019–)

Assisting Chef Gordon Ramsay on a culinary adventure across the globe, GFS provided production services, executive protection, and safety and medical risk management in various locations.

Better Late Than Never (2016-2018)

This comedy travel series featuring beloved actors and sporting icons traveled across Asia, Europe, and North Africa with production, safety, and security support from GFS.

Below Deck Down Under (2022-)

Below Deck Down Under was filmed in the Whitsundays, Australia in early 2021. As the local production company, GFS hired and managed the local crew, provided end-to-end accounting services and supported the international crew throughout the duration of filming.